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Legal Partners

Fostering Collaborative Excellence: Our Bar Association Partnerships


At Discovering Connections LLC, we are proud to collaborate with an esteemed network of bar associations. These partnerships reflect our commitment to excellence in forensic genealogy and our dedication to supporting the legal community.

Through these alliances, we enhance our services by staying abreast of the latest legal trends, adhering to the highest ethical standards, and engaging in continuous professional development. Our association with these respected organizations allows us to offer more comprehensive and informed services to our clients, particularly in complex probate cases and heir tracing.

Browse below to learn more about each of our partner bar associations and how these relationships empower us to deliver exceptional forensic genealogy services.

Iconic Chattanooga Bridge in Tennessee, Welcoming Members to the Chattanooga Bar Association

Chattanooga Tennessee
Bar Association

At Discovering Connections LLC, we are proud to partner with the Chattanooga Tennessee Bar Association. Through this collaboration, we offer specialized forensic genealogy services at exclusive rates for the Association's valued members.

Our goal is to aid legal professionals in Chattanooga with tailored solutions in heir tracing and estate settlements.

King County Washington Bar Association

In partnership with the King County Washington Bar Association, Discovering Connections LLC brings its forensic genealogy expertise to the vibrant legal community of Washington State.

Our discounted services for the Association's members reflect our commitment to supporting legal professionals in complex genealogical research and heir identification. 

Panoramic View of the Seattle, Washington Skyline, Welcoming Members to the King County Bar Association
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