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Smiling woman with hands under her chin, sitting in front of an open laptop, radiating confidence and ease, next to the headline 'Solve your heir search case efficiently and with no stress' - encapsulating Discovering Connections LLC’s commitment to stress-free heir searching.

Save Time With Expert Forensic Genealogy Services for Legal Professionals

Ensure accurate and efficient case resolution  with our expert heir identification and location services.

Ensure Heir Accuracy

Simplify Heir Notices

Guaranteed Court-Ready Affidavits

What Our Clients Say ...

"I was referred to Discovering Connections from a colleague when I had a difficult intestate succession case. Christine was able to quickly make sense of the large stack of family documents and ultimately identified the decedent's 47 first cousins and their issue. I was so grateful for her hard work on this challenging case!"

Satisfied Client Providing Testimonial for Discovering Connections LLC's Forensic Genealogy Services - Success in Estate Case


Probate Attorney


"Christine was very professional, organized, and thorough. She listened to my particular needs and her report gave me everything I needed. I am glad I decided to bring my heir search project to Discovering Connections."

Grateful Heir Beneficiary Expressing Appreciation for Discovering Connections LLC's Expertise in Solving Heir Search Case


Probate Attorney


"We were required by the court to determine all heirs for an individual who died intestate in our county. Christine was very helpful throughout the process and I have a high confidence level that we have explored all avenues to identify all of the legal heirs of the decedent under Florida law."

Content Estate Administrator Endorsing Discovering Connections LLC for Efficient Heir Tracing and Reliable Forensic Genealogy


Probate Attorney


Your Challenging Heir Case Isn't Going Away on Its Own

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

Have you found yourself buried in stacks of your client's family history documents - trying to sort through and make sense of them all?

Do you have probate or estate cases that have been delayed because not all of the heirs are known or can be located?

Have you had to put off getting paid for your hard work, because your cases haven't settled?

Have you found yourself overwhelmed trying to track down all of the necessary documents needed to reconstruct the decedent's family tree to prove kinship?

Are you afraid that if no rightful heirs can be located that the estate will be lost to the state?

Do you wish someone else could take on your heir search headache for you?

We believe our clients deserve expert forensic genealogical research they can trust and results they can feel confident taking to court.

We help attorneys, estate executors, and financial institutions solve any legal cases involving heirs and kinship determination.

We understand how time-consuming and challenging heir searches can negatively impact your productivity and your ability to settle your case.

In the past year, we have helped our clients locate over 1,000 missing or unknown heirs across the United States and internationally.

And we would love to help you too.

Christine E. Neumann, Lead Forensic Genealogy Researcher at Discovering Connections LLC

Our Researcher

Forensic Genealogist

What Our Clients Can Expect From Us

Trusted Results

You'll get professional, fully-cited reports and charts that can be used

as an exhibit in court or other legal proceedings.​

Assured Accuracy

Our specialized training and decades of genealogical research experience means that you can feel confident

that the rightful heirs are found.

Proven Success

We have a 98% success rate at locating all missing and unknown heirs, so you can feel assured that money is well spent and that your project has the highest chance of success.​

Introducing your shortcut to success...

The Proven Heir Research Method

Free Heir Search Consultation Woman On Phone


Step 1:
Schedule Your Free Consultation

We will discuss your specific project goals and requirements and you can ensure that you get all of your questions answered.

Two People Working On a Forensic Genealogy Research Project


Step 2:
We Get to Work

We will draft a customized research plan and carry out the necessary research to expertly meet your research objectives.

Group of Attorneys Reviewing Heir Search Report


Step 3:
See the Results

You will receive your thoroughly documented and easy-to-follow report detailing the completed heir research, so your case can finally move forward.

Are We a Good Fit?

If you can say yes to any of the following questions, then we can help you!

Are you involved in an estate case where the decedent died intestate and next-of-kin need to be identified to figure out who is entitled to inherit?

Are you involved in a trust administration where the beneficiaries or their heirs need to be located or identified?

Do you need to provide legal notice to heirs-at-law, but you do not know who they are or where to find them?

Are you trying to identify heirs for matters relating to Clear or Quiet Title or similar property ownership cases?​

Are you involved in an estate case where heirs are known, but cannot be located?

Are you involved in a case where there is any doubt as to whether or not all legal heirs have been identified?​

Ready to Get Started? Click Below!

"Background image of an open book with visible writing and a hand penning down notes, setting the scene for the section titled 'What's Included When You Work with Us'. This image symbolizes the detailed and personalized approach of Discovering Connections LLC, highlighting the comprehensive list of services included in their forensic genealogy work.

What's Included When You Work With Us

Experienced Researcher: You will get the benefit of decades of genealogical research experience, coupled with specialized forensic genealogy training, ensuring that your case is being handled by an expert in the field.

Thorough Analysis: We take great care to ensure no details or individuals are overlooked, so you can feel confident that the rightful heirs have been identified.

Detailed, Fully-Cited Reports: Your report will lay out all of the details of the research, in an organized and clear manner. Allowing you to easily understand the information, so you can be ready to present your findings to the court.

Family Tree Charts: You will get a visual representation of all individuals involved, for quick and easy viewing of the family and their relationships.

Contact Information for Next-of-Kin: Current contact information will be provided, based on public records and government databases, to allow you to easily communicate with the individuals we have identified.

Document Files: If desired, you will receive a PDF file containing image copies of all source documents referenced in the report, which allows for quick and easy review of all evidence sources.

Affidavit of Due Diligence: We can provide you with a formal, notarized sworn record of our research findings, if required, to meet certain court requirements.

Project Updates: Periodic Updates will be given, so that you can stay well-informed of the project progress and anticipated completion date. This allows you to meet your court deadlines and prepare your next steps.

Deadline Accommodation: We will work with you to accommodate for upcoming court dates and deadlines, as much as possible, to ensure you can fulfill all of your obligations.

98% Success Rate: We are passionate about helping our clients succeed and you will always receive our best work. Our high success rate allows you to be confident that your time and money are not going to be wasted.

Unbiased Third Party: We have no stake in the outcome of any case an you will never be charged based on a percentage of the estate. You can trust that our findings will be unbiased and complete.

To get all this and more ...

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