Watch as your family tree takes root and grows

Your family stories are waiting to be uncovered.

Every person's family tree has unique mysteries just waiting to be discovered. At Discovering Connections we help solve those mysteries and help bring your ancestors' stories to life.

Whether you have been researching your family tree for decades or are just starting to explore the exciting world of genealogy, Discovering Connections has a lot to offer.

Our access and experience utilizing a variety of records and databases allows us to quickly and efficiently determine which collections or databases are most likely to hold the answers you seek.

Our passion and dedication, combined with over 20 years of experience in genealogical research ensure that every research project we conduct is of the highest quality.

Some areas we specialize in are: family history research, military research, forensic and heir research, adoption research, and records retrieval (Chicago/Northwest Indiana/Southwest Michigan and surrounding areas).


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Discovering Connections

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