Forensic Genealogy and Heir Research

Helping law firms, estates, courts, corporations, and financial institutions solve their missing and unknown heir cases

     At Discovering Connections we use our genealogical skills to help locate unknown or missing heirs. We take the information given to us regarding the individual in question and, through our genealogical research methods, we build a family tree in order to help us locate living descendants for estate or real estate cases.

     We combine our forensic genealogical research skills with our ability to locate living individuals through the use of public record databases in order to help solve these cases.

     If you are an attorney or law firm representing a potential heir or an estate or are involved in other legal actions that require heir or kinship identification, Discovering Connections is here to help.

Forensic Genealogy and Heir Research


- Thorough research and analysis

- Detailed research report with complete source citations

- Pedigree chart or family tree (if desired)

- Related source documents to prove kinship

- Affidavit of due diligence (upon request)


Typically we complete most heir search projects in 3-6 weeks. Expedited service may be available

upon request for an additional fee (project dependent).


$75/hour, plus expenses necessary to obtain records (i.e. copy fees, repository admittance fees, etc.)

For questions regarding forensic and heir research services, please contact us. Have a request for a unique service or product? Reach out to us and we can try to accommodate any requests.