Next Steps

I have scheduled my consultation, what do I need to do next?

1. Think about what your research questions and goals are. What is it that you really want to find out?

2. Start gathering all of the information and documents you already have related to your research questions. On the Client Forms page there are questionnaires available to help guide your information gathering and help you organize your information to ensure we have time to discuss everything you want to during your consultation. It also helps ensures that any prior research is not duplicated during the research process.

3. Have your scheduled consultation. We will discuss what you already know, what you want to find out, and how we can best help you reach your goals. 

4. Once expectations and goals have been established, a contract will be signed by both parties and a timeline will be established for the completion of the research project.

5. For projects requiring less than 10 hours of research, the full payment amount will be due upon the signing of the contract. For projects of greater than 10 hours, a deposit of half of the total payment will be required prior to the start of the research and the remainder will be required upon completion of the research hours, prior to receiving the final report.

6. Research will then begin and, depending upon the length and extent of the research, periodic updates will be emailed to you.

7. Upon completion of the research project, you will be presented with the findings in a detailed research report. You will also receive copies of any documents referenced, charts, and/or pictures as related to the findings of the research project. This will be presented in a digital file, in a hard-copy (with optional leather binder for additional charge), or both, depending on the your preference.

8. If further research is needed to meet your goals or to answer additional research questions, additional research hours may be purchased.

If you have any further questions about what to expect, please reach out to us and we would be happy to answer any questions.