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Chicago skyline with orange locating markers for finding heirs.

Let Our Passion Lead to Your Heir Search Success

We Find Missing and Unknown Heirs for Legal Proceedings Through Forensic Genealogy


Accurate identification of next of kin for inheritance succession or notification


Avoid long delays in estate settlements caused by missing or unknown heirs


Avoid sorting through piles of family records and conducting time-consuming searches


Get professional, fully documented reports and charts that can be used as exhibits in legal matters


Attorneys, estate executors, and financial institutions in any legal cases involving kinship  determination


We combine traditional genealogical research skills with our people finding techniques to trace a family tree back and then forward again to identify living heirs.


Our detailed reports and family tree charts are fully cited and are acceptable as an exhibit in court proceedings.


Our vast experience and specialized training in Forensic Genealogy ensures your project has the highest chance of success.

Family history vital records and photographs.

What You Can Expect From Us

Thorough research and analysis with documented evidence

Document files containing copies of all source documents (if desired)

Detailed research reports with complete source citations

Family tree charts

Affidavits of due diligence (if necessary)

Public Record Database Contact Information listings for living next-of-kin

Our Focus

Discovering Connections LLC is a forensic genealogical research company whose sole focus is locating missing and unknown heirs for legal proceedings.

Last will and testament document, identifying heirs, with a pen and pocket watch.

Our Researcher

Christine E. Neumann


Christine is an experienced Forensic Genealogist who is passionate about genealogy and assisting her clients with their legal research needs. 

She loves the challenge of untangling the branches of family trees and solving her clients' complex genealogical research cases.



We charge a reasonable rate of $75/hour.

We are an unbiased third party and our fees are never based on a percentage of the estate.

Additional expenses, i.e. document purchasing fees, are charged separately at cost.

You will always receive a quote for the anticipated research in advance and no additional expenses will be incurred without your approval.

Time Frame

Most projects can be completed in 3-6 weeks, although more complex or extensive projects may take longer.

Have a court date quickly approaching? Expedited services may be available upon request.

You will receive updates on your project, so you are well- informed of the progress and anticipated completion date.

We will work with you to accommodate for deadlines, as much as we are able. However, not all records are immediately available and record requests can delay project completion. 

What Our Clients Say

Female Texas probate attorney

"I was referred to Discovering Connections from a colleague when I had a difficult intestate succession case. Christine was able to quickly make sense of the large stack of family documents and ultimately identified the decedent's 47 first cousins and their issue. I was so grateful for her hard work on this challenging case!"

Samantha, Texas Probate Attorney

Male King County, Washington probate attorney

"Christine was very professional, organized, and thorough. She listened to my particular needs and her report gave me everything I needed. I am glad I decided to bring my heir search project to Discovering Connections."

Timothy, Washington Probate Attorney

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